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Tori Kaufmann-Paulman

Senior Manager, End User Technologies and Sales Enablement

Roundtable: Level Up! Increase your technology adoption and user satisfaction with a user engagement program.

Are you ready to create a user engagement program or take your current program to the next level? Are you curious how to identify the change champions and influencers in among your users? Join your peers in a facilitated discussion on how users and technologist can form a community that drives change, refines product capabilities, and delivers business value.


Professional Profile


Tori Kaufmann-Paulman is the Senior Manager of End User Technologies and Sales Enablement at Putnam Investments.


Tori is responsible for ensuring that end users are provided the most current, enhanced, enjoyable, and stable environment to perform their work. To that end, Tori introduced the Modern Workplace to Putnam in 2018 as a way to structure the narrative around how technology is changing the way we work and drive the conversation back to the people who are the most valuable asset to your Digital Workplace program.


By building a diverse community of executive stakeholders, business champions, and viral influencers, Tori’s team has increased the most crucial measurement of success: adoption. Tori serves as a member of the Putnam Diversity Advisory Council, Women’s Leadership Cabinet, and Chair's the Putnam Pride Alliance. Tori has directed end user technologies in entertainment, non-profit, education, and the financial services industry.

Wybe Koolstra

Digital Workplace Strategy Manager

Liberty Global

Roundtable: Can there be a modern enterprise grade Digital Workplace without using Office 365?

Let’s discuss what the role of O365 is. Is O365 becoming the sole player for large enterprises or are there other ways to build a state of the art Digital Workplace?


Professional Profile


Wybe’s goal is to enhance teamwork and productivity by innovating the Digital Workplace. This creates a digital savvy workforce and accelerates employee engagement, productivity, agility and security. The objective of his recommendations and actions is to make tangible improvements and changes in existing work patterns. As a member of the Digital Workplace management team he is accountable for defining, maintaining and communicating long term vision, strategy and technical direction for the pan European Digital Workplace that matches current and future business priorities. 

Martin Smith

IT Director


Roundtable: Workplace Productivity, End User Engagement & the Challenges

Join this roundtable to discuss what 'end users' say they actually want, and their concerns. Topics to discuss include:

  • How we are embedding end user experience thinking in to the organisation
  • Mapping out not just a program of work, but evolving how we adapt to continually meet the end user requests, and our vision with them


Professional Profile


Martin Serves as IT Director at Xilinx, leading a global organisation to define, manage and continuously improve end user services , end user experience and collaboration tools for the company.


Key current programs include: End User Digital transformation (GeekSt@Xilinx), Roadmap creation and execution to evolve IT Collaboration tools and platforms.


Prior to this role Martin has served as IT Operations Director and EMEA IT Operations Manager at Xilinx along with prior IT experience in the Finance and Confectionery Manufacturing industry segments. 

Dr. Brad Poulson

Professor of Operations Management & Information Systems, Nottingham University Business School.

Roundtable: ‘Process Smart’ – How do you choose the right people to orchestrate your Digital Workplace challenge?

Informed initially by the work on ‘multiple intelligences’ by Dr Howard Gardner, this research examines how organisations fail to select employees with the right skills to guide their change and process management, specifically when in pursuit of the digital workplace. I labelled the resultant capability as ‘Process Smart’ which is also applicable at the level of the firm and not just the individual. 


Professional Profile


A highly skilled Consultant, Academic, Thought Leader, CIO, and Non-Executive Director, working at the intersection of business change, operations management, and the strategic application of information systems. Extensive experience gained working for three of the world’s leading IT Services Corporations; and has held CIO and Executive positions within well-known high street Retail, Financial Services, and Public Sector organisations. Author of ‘Process Detox: Rehab for business processes’.

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