A Guide to Advance Your Digital Workplace Programs

Where are you in your digital workplace journey?


Gartner's maturity framework describes five levels of maturity, from reactive (Level 1) to optimizing (Level 5). To help you more accurately assess and advance your digital workplace maturity, we have streamlined the maturity framework to focus on the 3 major milestones:


  • Level 1 - Reactive
  • Level 3 - Emerging
  • Level 5 - Optimizing


Determine your digital workplace maturity level through Gartner's maturity framework and take your digital workplace initiatives to the next level!


This is designed to help you advance your digital workplace strategy and efforts by offering actionable materials and research to help achieve your desired business goals.

What is a digital workplace program?

The digital workplace program is a business strategy to boost workforce digital dexterity through an engaging and intuitive work environment.


Did you know?

Gartner found that 63% of organizations do have a digital workplace program but only 33% of those have a formal program in place. 
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