Your Current Level: Emerging

You are in the Emerging level. You have implemented a digital workplace program and are already following some best practices. However, you still have some room for improvements. 

What you should be prioritizing:
  • Create a steering committee or digital workplace team.
  • Work with HR on strategic workforce skills planning and facilities management on office space transformation.
  • Ensure that leadership refers to and reinforces digital workplace goals.
  • Align technology deployments to business goals.
  • Use digital dexterity planning to identify the digital competencies needed for competitive advantage.
  • Continue to assess and evolve ongoing initiatives by performing gap analyses at crucial milestones.
  • Make digital dexterity a cross-enterprise goal, meaning users can be more autonomous in using all the tools available to them.
  • Create a balanced scorecard for the digital workplace.
  • Ensure that employees have considerable input into the digital workplace strategy.

We have sessions aligned to your priorities:


  • What experiences matter most and least to your emplotees?
  • Overcoming the barriers to enterprise video with AI
  • Transform teamwork wth new ways of collaborating
  • The future of work and the new work nucleus
  • Informed content: Collaboration the benefit of insight

Here is an essential reading to help you take your digital workplace initiatives to the next level: 

Crafting Workspaces that Enhance Employee Experience

By 2020, 20% of organizations will include employee engagement improvement as a shared performance objective for HR and IT groups.


The desire to improve the employee experience presents an opportunity for application leaders of digital workplace programs to work with real-estate and facilities leaders to create inspiring workspaces. Take a look through this Gartner research to gain insight on proven practices to encourage collaboration for an effective workforce.

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