Your Current Level: Reactive

You are in the Reactive level which means you are at the beginning stage of your digital workplace journey. We have practical insights and tools you need to develop an effective digital workplace program. 

What you should be prioritizing:

  • Identify a potential candidate to become the digital workplace leader and create a mission statement and a set of guiding principles for your business.
  • Collect IT, HR and business metrics that reveal digital workplace efforts.
  • Cultivate digital dexterity initially within innovation groups, agile teams or the like, as a way to jump-start these competencies and culture in the wider workforce.
  • Develop a coherent strategy for content services based on business need. Prioritize capabilities such as cloud office or redesign the intranet to support the culture expected in a digital workplace.
  • Understand employees' technology needs and factor employees' preferences into IT procurement decision making.
  • Identify key digital workplace services and integrate them into the overall IT services portfolio, with relevant business value statements to communicate purpose and value to strategic stakeholders.

We have sessions aligned to your priorities including:

  • 20 Culture Hacks to Improve Digital Workplace Adoption and Efficiency
  • How AI Will Impact Jobs and Your Workforce
  • The Strategic Role of Employee Communications in the Digital Workplace
  • Why and How Organizations Enable Frontline Workers for Digital Business
  • Creating a Culture That is Powered by Purpose
  • and more!

Here's an essential reading to help you get started:

4 Steps to Implement a Limitless Digital Workplace

Learn how to enhance customer responsiveness and employee engagement, and yet minimize security risks in just four steps. 


  • Implement an adaptive access policy
  • Create a digital workplace operations teams
  • Enhance user experience using operational analytics
  • Modernize application delivery infrastructure

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