Work is Rapidly Changing. Are You Prepared?


Click on each area to watch a 30 second video to explore and understand the different groups affecting future of work, with exclusive Gartner near-term and practical advice on how to prepare for them.

How to Prepare for the 5 Areas Affecting Future of Work

1. The Big Picture: Leverage top trends and future work scenarios.

2. Industry Focus: Create a competitive advantage by defining the future work for your industry.

3. Employee Readiness: Make digital workplace investments to ensure employee readiness.

4. Culture: Revamp culture, diversity, and talent practices to support the future of work.

5. Digital Skills: Grapple with talent shortages and cultivate digital dexterity.

1. The Big Picture

Broad trends can easily seem abstract, remote, vague or overwhelming. Exploring and understanding the possible long-range futures would help inspire brand new ways of looking at aspects by distrupting conventional assumptions and thinking.

2. Industry Focus

The big picture trends will compel CIOs to assess their impacts in an industry context and enact changes based on those assessments. An industry focus also enables CIOs to study the experiences of other industries and apply relevant lessons to their respective organizations.

3. Employee Readiness

CIOs are developing the digital workplace to enable more effective ways of working. The digital workplace becomes the arena in which your organization's specific workforce and workspace needs, investments and objectives will be realized.

4. Culture

Technology is such an important driver of the future of work that it's easy to overlook other, equally important drivers and influences. It embodies and reflects not only the organization's culture and structures but those of the larger society.

5. Digital Skill

Skills and talent are indispensable in achieving strategic digital business transformation. Organizations struggle to find the right people with the right skills. 

Prepare for the Future of Work.