Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

Gartner estimates that less than one-third of enterprises have a documented cloud strategy. 


Cloud computing can help enterprises improve the creation and delivery of IT solutions by allowing them to access services more flexibly and cost-effectively. To maximize the value of cloud investments, you must develop a comprehensive cloud strategy for your organization. As part of the strategy, Enterprise Architect must educate their CIOs and boards of directors about the need to invest in cloud as a style of computing that drives greater speed, agility and innovation. 


Conduct your cloud computing investigation in five phases:

Gartner recommends that IT leaders follow five major phases when investigating cloud computing (the phases may vary, depending on your organization and the extent of your interest in cloud computing):        


  • Build the business case: Link the Cloud Computing Initiative to the overall drivers or objectives of the business. Gain support from senior business leaders and senior stakeholders. Set a baseline for assessing the impact of the investigation. Estimate costs and resource requirements.
  • Develop the strategy: Align the investigation with the business strategy, and show how it can deliver business value. Show how the investigation might lead to changes that will affect your business environment. Work with key stakeholders to identify business needs.
  • Assess readiness: Identify the budgetary, staffing, technology and other requirements necessary to prepare the business for the investigation. Develop a total cost of ownership analysis framework. Review established policies for assessing risk and managing governance.
  •  Pilot or prototype: Identify a group to pilot, or develop a prototype for the investigation. Develop and communicate detailed requirements. Manage the pilot/prototype. Assess and communicate the results.
  •  Gain approval: Analyze findings of the readiness assessment and pilot or prototype effort, and revise the strategy and business case accordingly. Present findings of the investigation to senior stakeholders and business leaders.


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