Digital Transformation

Explore how enterprise architecture can add value to digital transformation

In 2019, over 80% of CEOs report having in place digital business transformation programs.

To drive this transformation, organizations are making two major shifts in the way they deliver digital solutions and services. First, many are moving to product-oriented delivery structures or product lines. Second, distributed, multidisciplinary digital business teams or “fusion teams” are increasingly owning delivery initiatives. These two shifts mean that digital delivery decisions are increasingly federated throughout the organization, with many being owned by teams outside of IT.

In this new product line and fusion team world, there are lots of places enterprise architecture (EA) can add value. But EA must change how it fundamentally operates to support digital transformation. The most progressive EA leaders are changing the way they engage with the rest of the business to influence the true decision-makers at a federated level. They are also seeking innovative ways to support fusion team delivery without relying on heavy-handed governance. Lastly, they are evolving their leadership mindset, discipline and skillsets to support digital transformation.

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