Technology innovation

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Understand emerging technology opportunities and drive strategic business innovations.

As a technology leader, you will continue to be faced with rapidly accelerating technology innovation that will profoundly impact the way you deal with your workforces, customers and partners. 

Emerging technologies have the power to drive significant disruption and create competitive advantage, but they evolve faster than most organisations can respond. Are you on top of this? 

If you missed the Gartner Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2020, we made it available here. Use it to determine whether any of these disruptive technologies can apply to your industry and organization to gain competitive advantage.

How are you tracking technology innovation?

EA and TI leaders need to identify which technology trends they should follow by creating a trendspotting initiative to determine which trends will significantly affect their organization. The steps below will help you identify the technologies you should track:

  1. Assess the potential impact of trends by determining the new value and disruption they will bring to one’s business and IT organization, employees, customers, and the IT market.
  2. Evaluate the factors that influence the degree of maturity of a trend to find the right time to respond — often when the cost and risk involved are less than the potential business value.
  3. Determine the market perspective, including the market hype, interest and understanding. Balance this perspective with insight into real adoption rates and practical use cases.
  4. Decide how these trends will affect the organization’s business model and strategy. 
  5. Create strategies and roadmaps for exploring the high-impact emerging and strategic trends by feeding this analysis into both modernization and innovation programs. 

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