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Thomas Lester

Chief System Architect

Vodafone Group Plc

Vodafone: A new model for Architecture Governance in an Agile world

What is the role of Enterprise Architecture in an agile World? How can your Architecture function accelerate Digital Transformation, foster innovation and help drive the platform economy?


Dr Lester Thomas is the Chief Systems Architect for Vodafone Group Plc and also holds the title of Vodafone Distinguished Engineer.  Lester has been with Vodafone for 15 Years and is responsible for their IT Systems Architecture and Strategy, including the transformation to a cloud-native, agile and API first strategy. He also represents Vodafone on the TM Forum industry standards organisation and is a co-founder of the TM Forum Open API programme.


Prior to Vodafone, Lester was Chief Technology Officer at an internet start-up and also spent 4 Years working for Andersen Consulting. Lester has a PhD in Digital Information Theory from the University of Wales and held a post-Doctorate research position at the University of Cambridge


Pieter Lindeque 

Chief Engineer

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society: Is your IT Governance fit for Agile?

The overall approach to IT Governance at Nationwide has changed to leverage the value of expert peer reviews and to manage the need for these peer reviews using the tools provided by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). This change has necessitated changes in behavior as we phased out rigid processes which compelled architects and designers to attend boards for approvals. Instead, we now rely on the experience of our architects and engineers to understand when to ask for help.


Pieter Lindeque is Chief Engineer at Nationwide Building Society in the United Kingdom. He provides technology leadership for Nationwide’s new IT Engineering capability and engineering oversight across Nationwide’s IT portfolio.


Prior to Nationwide, he worked in the IT services industry, consulting to CIOs and CTOs on digital transformation, integration, resilience and architecture of complex systems integration. His clients included some of the largest Financial Services and Public Sector organisations.


Topics from his publications include complex systems, digital transformation, resilience and Open Banking.


Gareth Morgan

Director of Enterprise Architecture


James Cope

Enterprise Architect


Sophos: Six Steps for Tackling Cybersecurity Risks and Threats

How you set up your enterprise architecture practice and get to value quickly with cybersecurity, identifying and setting mitigation strategies for exposure and risk, and also for cost-savings and scenario-planning for future requirements.


Learn from practices successfully implemented at security-software specialist Sophos, who have identified strategies to work with the business ensuring cybersecurity best-practice moves forward in tandem with business growth.


Sophos uses an EA tool to hold their architecture as data, allowing algorithms and scripting to automate reporting, and better analysis of security risk and the architecture in general.



Gareth Morgan is the Director of Enterprise Architecture at Sophos, a leading Cybersecurity company.  He has led product and IT architecture efforts in the Security, Finance and Healthcare industries.  He set up the Enterprise Architecture practice at Sophos over two years ago and has driven EA forward via Stakeholder engagement, Roadmaps, Application, Business and Data architecture throughout the company.


James Cope is an Enterprise Architect at Sophos, a leading Cybersecurity company.  James has worked in strategic IT roles for several FTSE 350 companies across a variety of different industries from high-tech to engineering and enjoys working with businesses to truly leverage technology for solving real business challenges.


Tobias Verbist 

Chief EA & Innovation


Digipolis:  Innovation, driven by the city of Antwerp 

As the dedicated and non-profit IT partner of the city of Antwerp, Digipolis is continuously challenged to build efficient and effective digital solutions at very high pace for the city administration and its users. Innovative and flexible solutions that guarantee a maximum of personalized services for residents, businesses, visitors and students.


To meet this demand, a few years ago, Digipolis took on the task to completely rethink its existing development strategy. Building or buying silo applications was no longer an option: a strategy enabling a much higher degree of innovation, creativity and specialization was devised. Simultaneously, a thriving ecosystem was being built, based on the urban IT platform – ACPaaS, or ‘Antwerp City Platform as a Service’ - and an innovative procurement process ‘Buy from Startups’, resulting in different innovative insights and some highly successful and unexpected partnerships. ACPaaS enables smart city initiatives in Antwerp, is open for collaboration and embraces innovation.



Tobias Verbist is Chief Enterprise Architecture & Innovation at Digipolis, the IT partner of the city of Antwerp. With the mindset of a creative entrepreneur and together with a professional and motivated team, he runs the Antwerp City Platform as a Service. Previously Tobias worked as Enterprise Architect at BNP Paribas Fortis and designed reusable software components for various financial institutions in Europe. He obtained his Master's degree in Applied Computer Science from the University of Ghent in 2002. 

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