Spencer Kelly
Guest keynote

Spencer Kelly

TV Presenter & Computer Scientist
Spencer is a respected technology presenter and computer scientist, and as part of a life-long love affair with science and technology, Spencer graduated with a double first in Computer Science from Cambridge University. He has also recently been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Technology by the University of Coventry. He has interviewed many big names in the world of entertainment and technology, including film director James Cameron, Will.i.am and Sir Paul McCartney, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer and Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.
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Thursday, 11 June, 2020 / 08:30 AM - 09:15 AM BST
Guest Keynote: The Next Big Thing. How to Spot it, How to Make it, How to Fake it.

Attacking drones with swords. Driving space buggies. Being face swapped with the US president. TV presenter Spencer Kelly is in the middle of a life-long love affair with science and tech, and he’s been lucky enough to journey around the world to see innovations and trends before they take over the world.
But what is just hype, and what is reality? Spencer will talk AI, automation, IoT, Big Data, and more, to help you work out how to prepare for the change that’s coming, and how to take advantage of it on your journey of digital transformation.

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