Design the intelligent organization.

To achieve growth and competitive advantage at times of economic uncertainty, CEOs are turning their enterprises into intelligent organizations. 

EA & Technology Innovation Leaders will need to design intelligent business and operating models by increasing their focus on information architecture, continuous support of innovation, agile and security architecture, and using family of technologies related to intelligence - such as AI and machine learning. This will enable the organization to: 

  • Bring order out of chaos by identifying patterns in seemingly complex and intractable business problems.

  • Respond rapidly to change in the internal or external business environment far faster than humans can alone.

  • Learn and adapt by creating and evolving their own models of the internal or external business environment.

  • Reinvent work, replacing some roles and augmenting others.

2020 Theme:

Architecting for resilience - strategies and technologies for today’s intelligent organization.

EA leaders who design for intelligence will see their EA programs’ business value and importance dramatically increase. At Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit 2020, we have 5 tracks dedicated to your priorities. View the 2020 tracks below.

Understand how to envision and bring your digital business strategies to life by using enterprise architecture to connect business and IT synapses. This track will explore how to build high-impact EA roadmaps, building business architecture and bridging the gap between IT and business strategy

Topics include:

  • Building high-impact EA roadmaps
  • Bridging the gap between IT and business strategy
  • Architecting for cost savings and disruptions
  • Building business architecture
  • Architecture  deliverables that guide business strategy, investment and execution
  • Creating intelligent business and operating models with innovative technologies
  • The future of EA
  • How EA can stay relevant in a slowing economy

Deliver strategic leadership by adapting to culture, changing processes, and developing a new model for talent. This track will help you discover how to drive digital transformation with innovation roadmaps, lead a business-outcome-driven enterprise architecture and adopt enterprise agile frameworks.

Topics include:

  • Adopting enterprise agile frameworks
  • Recruiting and retaining EA talent
  • Leading a business-outcome-driven enterprise architecture
  • Driving digital transformation with low risk innovation roadmaps

Define and implement strategies for leveraging combinations of today’s strategic technologies, drive innovation to deliver today’s digital solutions, and lay the foundation for the future. This track will help you fast-track your processes/outcomes with data & analytics, implementing ML and AI and building cloud-native and serverless architectures.

Topics include:

  • Fast-tracking your processes/outcomes with data and analytics
  • Implementing machine learning and AI to scale platforms
  • Cutting through the hype of RPA
  • Building cloud-native and serverless architectures
  • The future of cloud computing
  • Machine learning & AI in production applications
  • Architecting end to end data architectures in AWS, Azure and GCPst laborum.

Take positions on key emerging technologies and trends to prioritize innovations and impact on your industry and organization. This track will explore how to create a culture of innovation, develop applications and microservices, and drive innovation to enhance customer experience.

Topics include:

  • Developing applications and microservices environments
  • Creating a culture of innovation to drive market disruption
  • Driving digital innovation to enhance CX
  • Analyzing the business impact of emerging technologies
  • New generation Wireless technologies that drive future innovation
  • Using hyperautomation as a strategic tech tool
  • Analysis of key AI technologies of mega-vendors and startups

As success mounts, senior IT leadership positions may appear on your career path - polish your leadership skills to impress your boss, other senior leaders, your peers and IT staff. This track will help you discover how to define modern enterprise architecture leadership skills, create a diverse and inclusive workplace and drive innovation investments.

Topics include:

  • Defining modern EA leadership skills
  • Using a diverse and inclusive workforce for competitive advantage
  • How to Gain executives’ interest and engagement in EA
  • Driving innovation investments

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