2020 topic highlights

Agile HR Functions 
Become an agile HR function — better serving internal customers with efficient delivery of high-impact support — by applying the principles of agile to HR. Learn how to evolve HR’s mindset, approach to work and structure.

HR Cost Optimization
Develop value frameworks to prioritize cuts and invest in the right growth initiatives. Act confidently to steward innovation and make strategic decisions to win in the turns.


Employment Models
Explore a total workforce management approach to gain a better understanding of how work is done across the organization to align both present and future needs with the appropriate resources and to achieve better business results.

Automation of the Manager Experience
Improve the manager experience by automating multiple work-related HCM tasks, reducing the amount of time managers need to spend on administrative work. 


Voice of the Employee
Incorporate employee engagement improvement as a shared performance goal for HR and IT groups, to harness multiple sources of information and better understand the dynamics of the employee experience. 

Rise of the Internal Talent Marketplace 
Build a culture of internal mobility. Increase employee awareness and managerial support of internal opportunities to retain top talent and ensure the workforce has the skills the organization will need for the future. 

Compensation Plan Design for the Future of Work
Develop alternative compensation models that are responsive to changing organizational and workforce needs. Rethink job-leveling structures and rewards plans for nonhierarchical organizations. 

HR Operating Models
Adopt an operating model of the future to upgrade the HR function’s strategy and management and help them achieve their goals of agility, customer centricity and operational efficiency. 

Org Design to Achieve Agility at Scale
Ensure the success of agile work processes at scale by implementing an organizational design that supports diverse teams, shorter work cycles and a “fail fast” mindset. To support the entire organization, take a new, continuous approach to recruiting, L&D and performance management. 

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