ReimagineHR 2019 Tracks Announced


What is your role in digital transformation? HR Leaders must direct the enterprise and its people through the digital transformation. Do you have the courage to use new practices and abandon old processes? How are you retaining your talent?


Digital transformation can be used to focus in on employee experience and attract and retain employees.

At ReimagineHR 2019, we have seven tracks dedicated to your priorities:



Reimagine the Role of the CHRO

Get the information to lead HR teams through empowering employees and candidates and senior executive teams to execute the next great business. This track will provide CHROs how to reimagine the very nature of work to drive the performance of their teams and their organizations.


Reimagine Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Not only has the labor market changed the balance of power between organizations and candidates, its increased transparency has also changed the talent’s behaviors and expectations. Recruiting Executives will learn about the most effective strategies when competing for talent in today’s labor market. 

Reimagine Learning & Development 

The skills and capabilities that are required for employees to be successful are rapidly changing. L&D Executives will discover the most effective and scalable strategies to identify development needs, build new skills, and prepare employees at all levels of the organization for the future.


Reimagine Total Rewards 

Increasing transparency is complicating the already difficult challenge of attracting and retaining talent with competitive rewards. Total Rewards Executives will learn how they can improve, design, and communicate about their rewards to motivate and attract employees amidst increasing transparency and employee expectations. 

Reimagine Diversity & Inclusion

As the future of work arrives, customers, CEOs, boards, and employees are increasingly expecting a diverse workforce. D&I Executives will learn the most innovative ways to accelerate their D&I approaches and have a view into other critical talent processes to plan and improve partnership.

Reimagine Talent Analytics

Analytics technologies, tools, and techniques are rapidly evolving. This track will help Talent Analytics Executives learn new approaches to collecting data to drive actionable insights in a way that mitigates employee concerns.

Reimagine HR Tech

A comprehensive HR technology strategy is essential for achieving a favorable impression of HR’s competence and value to the broader enterprise. HR Technology Executives will learn to move beyond HR administrative competency to pursue an employee-centric value proposition

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