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3 Priorities for CEO-CHRO Collaboration in the Digital Age

Digitalization is delivering new opportunities and in this environment, CEOs need to leverage their chief human resource officers to steer their organizations and their workforce to stay ahead of the competition.


CHROs and CEOs should tackle future disruptive trends together to maximize their impact.


Key Recommendations

  • The future of jobs – Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have the potential to enhance human capabilities and increase business value in ways we didn’t know possible. Automation is a key component when restructuring the workforce.
  • The new war for talent – The majority of CHROs say that competition for critical talent will increase over the next 12 months. Organizations will have to reconcile talent supply and demand by investing in their existing employees and scaling up recruitment. Organizations need to take steps to update their talent acquisition strategies.
  • HR in the digital age – HR must act as a strategic partner and consider the long-term implications of the wider digital strategy. CHROs and CEOs agree that HR needs more of an investment in order to change the way HR services are delivered to different parts of the workforce to accommodate changes that come with digitalization.




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