IAM case studies from the BBC, UK Parliment and The University of Auckland

Rosalind Smith


Senior Product Manager of IAM


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)



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Rosalind Smith


Senior Product Manager of IAM


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Re-inventing Identity Management at the BBC

You don’t need to go to many Identity Management conferences to realise that Identity and Access Management projects are hard to implement and also that IAM is one of the least “technological” of the Security disciplines, with it being 10% technology and 90% business change.  The BBC is currently meeting the challenge of IAM transformation head on.


As one of the 90% Ros Smith will explain:

  • The strategic approach being taken 
  • What has been achieved so far 
  • Where they are going next


Professional Profile

Rosalind Smith is new to the world of IAM. She has worked at the BBC for over 18 years. Until a year ago she worked in Production and Editorial, having been a Radio Producer for Science Radio, Woman’s Hour and The Big Toe Radio Show; Deputy Editor of the award winning BBC News School Report; Project Manager at BBC Media Action and most recently Acting Head of BBC Weather.  She is now Senior Product Manager in Identity and Access Management and has learnt more acronyms in the last year than she ever imagined possible.

Yochana Henderson MBE


Head of IAM


UK Parliament, Digital Service

UK Parliament: Creating a pro-active IAM strategy towards Passwordless

In 2017 the UK Parliament suffered a state sponsored cyber attack leading the organisation to become a pro-active organisation in IAM. From this an IAM team and strategy was developed to enable us to deliver what Parliament needs while maintaining the security for all of our user base. This has meant the organisation is now looking to passwordless as a means to combat organisational challenges around IAM.


This session will focus on:

  • The catalyst for change
  • Changing our mindset from re-active to pro-active organisation built to better defend our organisation from our adversaries
  • Our IAM strategy towards passwordless and considerations to the challenges to change within our organisation
  • The ever-changing challenges in the IAM world and the continuous adaptations to our IAM strategy


Professional Profile

Yochana Henderson is a leading Identity and Security expert working in the Parliamentary Digital Service. Yochana started her career in the Army and after 5 years and a tour of Afghanistan joined the Parliamentary Digital Service. Yochana was a key member of the Digital Service response team during the cyber-attack against Parliament in 2017. Most recently Yochana received an MBE for her parliamentary and voluntary services.


Tamara Al-Salim


Manager, IAM


The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland: Business-Outcome-Aligned IAM Leadership

The University of Auckland has designed and executed a business-outcome-focused IAM program of work. The three-year program established a mature, strategically-aligned IAM business capability. This program was delivered successfully with effective stakeholder engagement, advocacy, and sponsorship.


This session will explain:

  • Challenges in establishing a business-outcome-focused and strategically-sponsored IAM program
  • Identifying and engaging business-oriented advocates with the IAM program
  • Developing IAM as a business enabler at the University of Auckland 


Professional Profile

Tamara joined as the Manager of Identity and Access Management (IAM) at the University of Auckland late 2012. Under her leadership Tamara has transformed the identity practice from a technology-centric view to a business-focused service, one that provides enabling services for the organisation, has leveraged intelligent automation to dramatically reduced workloads in the contact centre and admissions, and partners with local government to create a seamless journey for students as they transition into higher education. Tamara is an advocate of continuous improvement and is always on the lookout for ways to improve processes, services, environment and culture. She is involved in the development and maintenance of a continual service improvement plan and drives internal projects to improve overall service delivery, focusing on process, resource efficiency and operational excellence.



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