IAM Leaders

Today’s IAM leaders are positioned to help the business thrive in the evolving digital landscape.  At Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2019, you’ll get a comprehensive view of today’s IAM journey toward effective workplace and consumer IAM. 


Join us and discover how to:


  • Initiate and sustaining an effective IAM program
  • Choose and implement the right IAM products and services
  • Measure, assess and continuously improve IAM performance
  • Optimize cost efficiency, customer enablement, compliance and security needs
  • Create and implementing IAM strategies and policies that ensure the right access to the right people
  • Integrate IAM initiatives with established processes and policies that affect customers and the workforce
  • Evaluate, implement and evolve the best set of IAM solutions for your business needs to ensure adoption and maximum business value
  • Implement an effective IAM program, incorporating the key elements: privileged access management (PAM), identity governance and administration (IGA) and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Continuously improve maturity and planning for future improvements in key IAM areas: authentication and authorization, governance and administration, and analytics 
Suggested Sessions:


  • Manage Privileged Access to Reduce Security Risks and Increase Agility
  • Consumer IAM and GDPR: Giving Consumers Control of Their Data
  • Plan for Success With Identity Governance and Administration
  • Workshop: How to Define Metrics for Your IAM Program
  • Application Migration to the Cloud Requires a Strong IAM Strategy
  • The IAM Magic Quadrants and Critical Capabilities









At Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2019, we have four tracks dedicated to your priorities. View now. 

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