Improve customer experience, prevent fraud with IAM

Expectations for a great customer experience keep rising, driving more and more organizations to integrate consumer IAM solutions into their IAM strategy. Designed for large-scale dynamic consumer access, consumer IAM (CIAM) solutions have benefited from continuous innovation and have matured to deliver robust privacy, security, personalization and user experience features. CIAM is now mainstream. As IAM continues on the journey toward great digital experiences, CIAM and workplace IAM are converging.


Recommended sessions on the agenda include:

  • Top Trends in CIAM Solution Design
  • Leveraging CARTA and CIAM to Prevent Fraud and Protect Privacy


Explore CIAM through aligned sessions, exploring key topics including:

  • New trends and best practices within customer IAM capabilities 
  • Features and vendors to consider when assessing CIAM solutions
  • Authentication and authorization with OAuth 2.0 frameworks and OpenID Connect
  • How CIAM features such as registration, preference management and consent management help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • How decentralized identity and related emerging standards may help enhance privacy and reduce security risk and cost


Embrace a Passwordless Approach to Improve Security

Despite their weaknesses, passwords are still widely used. Easy-to-guess and reused legacy passwords are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks and, by themselves, do not provide proper security for sensitive systems and confidential information.

While eliminating passwords has been a long-standing goal, it is finally seeing real traction in the marketplace.

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