Gartner IAM Summit Tracks Overview

In our hyper-connected world, IAM sits at the very core of the business, key to every interaction. Be part of this year’s summit to craft your strategy for agile, intelligent, and automated IAM.

Refresh your knowledge and join us at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, 12 - 13 March in London, UK, where we have 4 tracks dedicated to your 2020 key priorities. View the 2020 tracks and sessions below.

Obtaining the necessary funding and support for the IAM program requires a watertight IAM vision and strategy. Get the information you need to align your IAM strategy with corporate goals, define PAM requirements and build an IAM roadmap with attainable milestones.. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls through best practices and lessons learned from successful and not-so-successful IAM programs.

Hot Topics:

  • Building the business case for IAM
  • Integrating IAM and PAM
  • How to Define PAM Requirements and Evaluate Vendor Products in the context of your wider IAM Strategies
  • Understand the different IAM pieces (PAM, MFA, IGA, etc.) and how they fit together
  • Best practices for organizing, implementing and measuring the success of an IAM program


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For Gartner clients, Multi-factor authentication (MFA) remains the most popular IAM topic. And for good reason: MFA is important for protecting against privilege attacks, Office 365 account takeover and IaaS denial of service attacks—as well as customer data breaches. It’s critical that your organization has cost-effective and highly usable MFA. Learn how analytics, FIDO, biometrics and other advanced authentication methods can deliver a good user experience while increasing security.

Hot Topics:

  • Emerging authentication techniques, including FIDO-style biometrics 
  • How to Decide Which Authentication Method is Right for You
  • Best practices for integrating machine learning and contextual authentication
  • Guidance for Decentralized Identity Adoption


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Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) addresses two key business goals. The first is timely user lifecycle management across heterogeneous platforms to grant and remove user access. The second master is ensuring that users have the minimum necessary privileges in those target platforms—provable to your auditors, compliance officers and the board. IGA is currently undergoing a renaissance—where vendors are embracing machine learning and data analysis techniques to make access certification faster and easier. Explore how next generation identity architecture and technology innovations help solve these challenges. Get practical methods and long-term strategies to administer and govern identities.

Hot Topics:

  • Modernizing your IGA architecture
  • Governance for partners
  • Establishing an Agile Factory model for IGA App Onboarding
  • Leveraging analytics and AI to drive successful IGA deployments


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The growing scope and complexity of modern identity environments are becoming too difficult to manage in the usual ways, requiring IAM leaders to evolve their environments, both within B2C and B2B. The move to the cloud, adoption of microservices architecture, digitalization of the modern world and the resulting growth in cyberthreats and fraud all require fresh perspectives on traditional IAM. This track will highlight those evolving IAM systems to meet these new challenges, and those technologies you cannot afford to miss.

Hot Topics:

  • Leverage DevOps to accelerate IAM progress
  • Emerging trends in B2C and B2B Worlds
  • How RPA and AI are making IAM more effective
  • Fraud Management as an enabler of CIAM
  • Strategies for Thriving in a Multicloud Era


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