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Demand for customer identity and access management (CIAM) has increased due to its importance in converging user experience (UX), security and privacy. Build a solid foundation for CIAM by choosing tools with strong, mature core capabilities in identity administration, personally identifiable information and analytics.

A sample of recommended sessions include:

  • Ask the Expert: Customer Identity and Access Management
  • The State of Customer IAM, 2023
  • Use Journey-Time IAM Orchestration to Deliver Better UX
  • Top Practices for Strengthening Your CIAM Strategy

Managing External Identities Using a Customer Identity and Access Management Tool

IAM-focused cybersecurity leaders should prioritize CIAM initiatives to focus on customer user experience, high scalability, security and privacy. They must enable a consistent view of all types of external identities across channels and products.

Key findings

  • Customer expectations for great UX continue to rise — putting more pressure on organizations that deploy CIAM and, ultimately, more pressure on these vendor offerings.
  • Collaboration with partners and customer interactions are more remote and “touchless” experiences than ever before.
  • Vendors’ CIAM offerings continue to expand to include features such as consent management and customer identity analytics — along with maturing access management features such as bring-your-own-identity integration and API access controls.

Customer identity and access management, identity governance and administration, user authentication and more are covered in depth at this year’s conference: View Pricing

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