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Take a look at the type of research you can expect at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2024 in London, U.K.

It’s time to enhance your cybersecurity posture. Get the tools you need to craft and implement a well-governed identity and access management (IAM) program that accelerates digital transformation and delivers on strategic business outcomes with a powerful vision and roadmap for the future of IAM.

A sample of recommended sessions include:

  • Workshop: Defining a Successful IAM Program
  • Maximizing Business Value With IAM Maturity Assessment
  • Technical Insights: Identity-First Security as the North Star for Your IAM Reimplementation
  • The State of IAM Program Management
  • Workshop: Defining Great Metrics for IAM
  • How to Combat Inflation During Vendor Negotiations Using Gartner’s Four-Step Approach
  • Ask the Expert: Architecting Identity-First and Zero-Trust Implementations
  • Ask the Expert: IAM Program Management

IAM Leaders’ Guide to IAM Program Management

With increasing cyberthreats and tougher privacy and financial regulations, IAM tools and policies demand attention to achieve identity-first security. To ensure success, it’s critical that security and risk management leaders with responsibility for IAM manage these changes through a well-governed IAM program.

Key findings

  • Organizations often fail to recognize the foundational role that IAM plays in delivering business value. Stakeholders are often not involved in setting priorities or making purchase decisions, and lack the understanding for how IAM can contribute to their goals and strategies. Identity conversations with senior leaders can be difficult, as IAM is complex and not easily understood outside of IT or security teams.
  • Without clear ownership and accountability across the enterprise, security or IT is often seen as owning the risk associated with the lack of IAM controls.
  • The workload of the IAM team is often not clear and expectations not adequately set, resulting in frequent escalations and frustrated users.
  • The scope and importance of IAM has continued to grow. In addition to managing employee identities, customer and business partner identities are increasing the scope and adding complexity. The focus on identity has intensified, as it is now a critical attack surface for bad actors.

Identity and access program management, governance, user authentication and more are covered in depth at this year’s conference: View Pricing

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