“PAM is all about securing the keys to your kingdom.”

“It is one of the most critical security controls to implement,” says Gartner senior director Felix Gaehtgens.

Poorly managed privileged access can expose organizations to security breaches and regulatory rebukes, resulting in business losses and financial penalties. Identity and access management (IAM) leaders must effectively manage privileged access in a risk-aware fashion. The right combination of specialized privileged access management (PAM) tools and careful governance can help you improve security and compliance, as well as ensure auditability and accountability."

Want to dig deeper?  Explore privileged access management agenda sessions and more for the virtual Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2021

Explore the conference agenda built upon the latest Gartner research

Sessions include:

  • How to Choose a PAM Solution
  • IAM Leader's Guide to Privileged Access Management
  • Privileged Access Management: Best Practices and Lesson Learned
  • Technical Insights: Managing Privileged Access in Multicloud Infrastructure

IAM Leaders’ Guide to Privileged Access Management

Privileged, administrative or excessively empowered accounts within an organization remain one of the primary targets of attackers and are often responsible for significant breaches. Security and risk management leaders should use PAM tools to appropriately manage and monitor privileged access.

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