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Han Van Leijen
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Han Van Leijen

Director of Applications
Hans van Leijen joined TomTom in 2008 and is currently responsible for customer-facing applications for identity & access, e-commerce, and for providing device access to digital content and traffic services. Before TomTom, he was an engagement manager at McKinsey & Company’s Business Technology Office. Hans started his career as a Knowledge Engineer at PinkRoccade Everest, after getting a degree in artificial intelligence from Utrecht University.
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Monday, 06 March, 2023 / 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM GMT
Case Study Presentation by TomTom: TomTom’s Journey to Right-sized CIAM

We have fully reimplemented our consumer identity stack, enabling customers to purchase content and service products and use web and mobile-based navigation services. The previous “leader-quadrant” solution had high software license costs and was difficult to operate – we replaced it with an open-source “niche player”. The main complexity was providing user provisioning and single sign-on for 10 web, mobile and embedded channels with minimal client change. The biggest challenge was near-zero down-time during cut-over, whilst preserving token state for millions of navigation devices. The new landscape offers feature parity while being vastly simpler and more affordable.

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