Lorraine Dryland
Guest Speaker

Lorraine Dryland

Chief Information Security Officer
I have been extremely fortunate to have worked in some very interesting and challenging roles over the last 20 years, in both the public and private sector. Working with international Law Enforcement including Asia, US, and all over Europe. They were all directly or in some way about protecting people, critical national infrastructure or systemically important institutions. One standout during my career was working on the London 2012 Olympics to deliver safe and secure games.
The latter 10 years (and hopefully many more to come) was focused on how the internet was being used for crime which evolved into Cyber Security. Finding out I had a passion and knack for the world of Cyber Security, I undertook part time further education and achieved my Master’s Degree in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime in 2014.
I am really pleased to be continuing my Security journey at FSI as the Chief Information Security Officer, accountable for Global Information Security, building and maturing our capabilities balancing risk and opportunity
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Friday, 13 March, 2020 10:30 AM|Friday, 13 March, 2020 11:30 AM
Practitioner Roundtable: Identifying your Organization’s IAM Strategy

Once you have defined your IAM strategy, it’s time to implement. But what are the thought processes you need to socialise and manage the process, and how does this fit into overall risk reviews. Join this discussion to learn what the Board needs to understand, how to generate your risk profile, and how the business needs to operate in line with your strategy and vision.

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