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Nick Tuffs
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Nick Tuffs

Executive Director
Nick is currently the Service Owner for Access Governance within Cyber and Information Security at UBS, a global team of more than 150 people accountable for ensuring UBS colleagues can get the access they need, while ensuring compliance with regulatory needs. Prior to joining UBS 4 years ago, he led significant IAM implementation projects at a major UK Bank and Global Telecoms provider. Initially, Nick started his career as an IT Auditor at a Big 4 Accountancy firm before turning to consultancy on numerous client IAM projects.
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Tuesday, 07 March, 2023 / 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM GMT
Case Study Presentation by UBS: Project Cadmus: Slaying the Monsters!

Cadmus was a Greek Hero, renowned for slaying monsters. UBS has over the course of several decades created several “monsters” through the entitlement management tools that were custom built for the needs of specific business areas. UBS needed to reduce complexity for their business users that was impacting productivity, while also finding ways to improve their security posture and ability to meet compliance mandates. With multiple siloed solutions increasing operational and infrastructure costs, the need for change was obvious. However, doing all this required ambition and innovation as these tools touched every corner of the organization. UBS had attempted this before several years ago with a vendor product but without success, so many people asked - what is different this time? This session will go through the differential factors that have led to Cadmus being a success.

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