Returning delegates: Take advantage of your alumni benefits


Welcome back! 

As a returning attendee, you are eligible for benefits that will make your experience at the 2019 IAM conference even better.


Join us again and make the most of your benefits and advance your IAM strategy. When you come back to Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2019, you’ll identify critical next steps, deepen the conversation with peers and analysts, and discover new ideas for meeting your identity and access management objectives.

New sessions in the 2019 agenda include:


  • Build for Privacy
  • CASBs and IAM — Thick as Thieves
  • What's New in Electronic Signature?
  • Crossfire: A Debate on the Future of Privacy
  • How Decentralized Identity Can Be Disruptive
  • Best Practices for Office 365 IAM (TechDemo)
  • Application Migration to the Cloud Requires a Strong IAM Strategy
  • Consumer IAM and GDPR: Giving Consumers Control of Their Data
  • Me, Myself and I: Is Biometric Authentication Ready for Prime Time?
  • Identity Next: Architect an IGA Solution That Can Withstand the Future
  • Secure Privileged Identities and Secrets Throughout the DevOps Pipeline
  • Identity Proofing and Corroboration: Creating Trust in an Untrusted World
  • Architecting Privileged Access Management for Cyber Defense
  • Best Practices for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect — Get It Right
  • Keynote: The Future Identity and Access Management in 2019 and Beyond
  • Managing the Insider Threat — Why Employee Monitoring Is No Longer Taboo
  • Crossfire: Going Passwordless — Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should
  • Bring Your Own Identity: From Social Networks to Blockchain Self-Sovereign Identity
  • Identity Analytics — How Analytics, Machine Learning and AI Are Shaping the Future of IAM 

What's new for 2019?


  • The growing usage of Consumer IAM and MFA
  • How to use the latest Oauth and Open ID frameworks
  • The fast evolving cloud IAM and IDaaS vendor landscape
  • How to ensure you have future proof PAM, IGA approaches
  • Emerging analytics, blockchain and more agile approaches
  • Hands-on workshops and the latest real-world case studies
  • More Gartner analysts to provide coverage of additional topics
  • Early lessons from GDPR and how to manage ballooning privacy concerns
  • New Gartner research on key topics, including IGA, SSO and user authentication
  • New peer-to-peer networking opportunities, plus Meetups focused on best practices


Alumni Benefits*


Alumni benefits get you ahead of the line for important summit features:

  • Priority booking for analyst one-on-one meetings 
  • Priority booking for workshops, roundtables and other sessions that have preregistration opening dates
  • A two-week head start for the best selection and availability
  • Alumni discount of €325 when you register 
  • Alumni welcome bag when you sign in at the summit
  • NEW! Meet and greet with Guest Keynote speaker Dame Stella Rimgington, former Director General at MI5. 


*Benefits apply to returning attendees for Gartner Identity & Access Management Summitt only. Alumni benefits may vary for other Gartner summits.

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