Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit

12 – 13 May 2022 | London, UK

IAM 2021: Adapting to Disruption. Enabling Transformation.

The acceleration of digital business is driving investment in new architectures and creating new identity and acces management (IAM) challenges. Every organization is now laser-focuse on the drive to digital transformation and the need to adapt to rapid technology, organization and social changes. 

At the conference, the top 5 priorities that identity & access management leaders met on included:

  1. Developing Vision and Strategy for IAM Program
  2. Multifactor Authentication
  3. Identity Governance and Administration
  4. Privileged Access Management
  5. Cloud IAM

We hope you enjoyed the 2021 virtual Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit!  If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference.

The program for the 2022 Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit is underway and we look forward to sharing details soon!

Elevate your strategy

Leave with the tools you need to achieve your mission-critical IAM priorities and help your organization thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Leading IAM solutions

Staying competitive means remaining future-focused. Explore the latest tools and solutions, including MFA, PAM and biometrics.

Critical insights

Navigate privacy, MFA, PAM, IGA, hybrid and multicloud, and more.

Authentication is everything

The acceleration of digital business is driving investment in new architectures and creating new identity and access management challenges. Every organization is now laser-focused on the drive to digital transformation and the need to adapt to rapid technology, organization and social changes.

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    Calling all IAM leaders

    Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit brought together a community of trailblazers, thought leaders and industry experts pushing the bounds of IAM. The conference gave you the opportunity to access research-backed sessions, get expert advice on your specific challenges and interact with colleagues — all in one place.

    Gain critical insights to sustain effective IAM programs to provide the right access to the right people — and identify the leading providers of IAM products and services to benefit the organization
    • Align with business expectations to get buy-in and continued support for IAM programs and policies. 
    • Measure and communicate the value of the IAM program and move from cost center to revenue generation. 
    • Integrate IAM initiatives with established business processes and policies that affect customers and workforce. 
    • Understand the fast-evolving IAM technologies, vendors, and cut through the hype of AI, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT) to leverage the right solutions. 
    • Manage the complexity and specific risks associated with cloud migration and cloud-based IAM solutions. 
    • Find efficiencies by automating processes.
    Engineer IAM solutions to deliver capabilities aligned with the organization’s security, cost and business objectives
    • Understand the business requirements and outcomes to implement the most effective technologies, standards and best practices. 
    • Leverage better cloud capabilities and manage complexity created by cloud. 
    • Architect solutions for new, more dynamic environments: agile, DevOps, containers, microservices, stateless architectures, APIs. 
    • Stay up to speed on new technology: AI/analytics, robotic process automation, blockchain. 
    • Manage technical integration with broader applications.
    Understand new tech and market trends impacting IAM to guide overall strategy for investments in technology, resources and programs
    • Obtain funding, assess, justify the value and cost of IAM programs. 
    • Adapt IAM strategy to broader digital transformation. 
    • Align IAM initiatives with the organization’s security, applications, data and digital business strategies. 
    • Enable the business to be more agile, responsive and customer-driven. 
    • Cut through the hype around AI, RPA, IoT and blockchain to make the right investment decisions. 
    • Ensure protection against increasing threats, privacy and compliance regulations.
    • Guide transition of IAM from cost center to business enablement.

    2021 Tracks at a Glance

    Attendees had access to over 100 sessions of the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help identity & access management gain critical insights to sustain effective IAM programs to provide the right access to the right people.

    Track A

    IAM Vision and Strategy

    A sound identity and access management (IAM) strategy and effective IAM program management is the foundation of success in today’s digital business environment. Learn how to avoid pitfalls through best practices and from successful and not-so-successful IAM programs.

    View Sessions
    Track B

    Governance and PAM

    Learn how Identity governance and administration (IGA) provides compliance and data protection benefits. Get more information on ways to improve privileged access management (PAM) to help organizations fast-track their way to becoming compliant.

    View Sessions
    Track C

    Access Management

    Users want seamless access to their mobile, cloud and enterprise applications. Learn how access management and authorization technologies have evolved to support diversity in authentication methods, adaptive access, mobile computing, API target systems and more.

    View Sessions
    Track D

    Authentication, Fraud Detection and Identity Proofing

    This track ensures you have the tools and insights you need to deliver effective identity and access management (IAM) in the new normal. Improve governance and strengthen privileged access management practices to prevent breaches. Craft a robust, hybrid, multicloud strategy. Leverage customer IAM to prevent fraud and protect privacy. Accelerate your IAM using DevOps and agile approaches.

    View Sessions
    Track E

    Emerging IAM Technologies

    IAM programs are faced with new business demands. From driving consumer engagement through bring-your-own-identity (BYOI) schemes, to enabling new trust models and tackling the issue of machine identities. Understand how to ride the wave of disruption.

    View Sessions
    Spotlight Track


    In the digital business, IAM leaders must understand business goals, quickly identify and assess associated risks, and communicate those risks to the business in business terms. Learn how to become a recognized business leader, facilitator and problem solver.

    View Sessions
    Spotlight Track

    Technical Insights (GTP)

    This expanded program includes the latest IAM Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) research to help architects, planners and IAM tech professionals design and implement the right architectures, solutions and processes.

    View Sessions
    Spotlight Track

    Cloud Enablement

    Organizations are squarely in the multicloud hybrid era, with resources flung between multiple cloud providers and on-premises applications. Learn how IAM can support and enhance, not hinder, your cloud migration.

    View Sessions
    Spotlight Track

    Security and Privacy

    Learn the early lessons and must-have capabilities to comply with the new rules leverage regarding regulatory requirements. Understand the implications of changing privacy laws, and how identity and security leaders should react and plan.

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