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Drive cost optimization without undermining strategic objectives and achieve smart spending.

Learn how to keep costs down, cost optimize and achieve smart spending while growing

Optimizing costs and assuring funding is being allocated to the right things is a critical part of managing I&O effectively. It is also one of the big paradoxes faced today by many:  how to keep costs down and optimize, while growing, innovating and investing to support digital business.

By attending Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference, 16 - 17 June in Frankfurt, Germany, you will gain actionable knowledge on how to leverage geographical and functional fit, customer scores and critical performance factors amongst other tools and best practices to help you reduce you costs and spend smarter.

"By 2022, 80% of I&O organizations that lack digital business strategies will risk cuts in budget, resulting in outsourcing as a means of delivering results."

Gartner Predicts

Three-Year Roadmap for Cost Optimization

CIOs are under continuing pressure to cut costs and/or deliver more with fewer resources. CIOs should communicate a cost optimization roadmap to socialize and gain buy-in from enterprise partners for evolving the enterprise’s IT cost management and investments to drive improved business value.

Download Gartner Research: How to Create and Communicate an IT Cost Optimization Roadmap

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