Lead an optimal infrastructure and operations team that excels through digital transformation

Learn hot to achieve an optimal infrastructure and operations organization structure for the digital age

For infrastructure & operations leaders redefining their roles and value props is critical to success in today’s rapidly advancing digital environment. But the big question remains: how quickly can you put in place the necessary skills to help your organization build out its digital future? 

By attending Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference, 16 - 17 June in Frankfurt, Germany, you will lead with the latest insights as you learn how to transition team cultural mindsets and professional individual identities towards emerging trends through new approaches to career pathing, performance management and skills development.

"By 2022, 80% of I&O organizations that fail to develop servant leadership competencies will not meet their digital transformation goals."

Gartner Predicts

Gartner Top 10 Trends Impacting Infrastructure & Operations for 2020

Today, infrastructure is everywhere, and the pace of change for I&O will only increase as IT leaders face pressure to more quickly create, deploy, manage and govern dynamic application environments.

This infographic research will explore IT infrastructure trends and IT operations trends to help you prepare for key technologies likely to significantly impact your support of digital infrastructure.

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Hot Topics:

  • Scaling for Digital Success — Tackling the I&O Skills Gap
  • Achieving an Optimal Infrastructure and Operations Organization Structure for the Digital Age
  • Top Ten Trends Impacting Infrastructure and Operations
  • 15 Infrastructure KPIs for Digital Business Transformation
  • Roundtable: Driving Culture Change in I&O

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