Three-Year Roadmap for Cost Optimization

CIOs are under continuing pressure to cut costs and/or deliver more with fewer resources. CIOs should communicate a cost optimization roadmap to socialize and gain buy-in from enterprise partners for evolving the enterprise’s IT cost management and investments to drive improved business value.

Key  Findings

  • CIOs understand that cost optimization initiatives are important for the efficient delivery of IT services, but often struggle to maintain momentum and end up in a repeated cost-cutting cycle.
  • IT organizations that develop a culture of managing IT costs are able to identify areas of opportunity for cost optimization both within and outside of IT by establishing credibility as both efficient financial managers and service delivery providers.
  • CIOs typically pursue quick wins to build a portfolio of accomplishments, but do not focus enough on demonstrating and gaining buy-in toward a longer-term vision that optimizes costs in collaboration with business partners outside of IT.
  • A three-year roadmap provides an easily understood one-page document that CIOs can use to market and refine the IT cost optimization (ITCO) vision to ensure transparency and stakeholder buy-in for activities required to improve service delivery and business outcomes.

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