Guest Speakers 

Nina Schick

Political Commentator, Broadcaster,

Guest Keynote: The End of Reality: Geopolitics in the Age of AI Superpowers

16:15 - 17:15 | Wednesday 5th June

Nina Schick will discuss how Western liberal democracies will be surpassed by Chinese techno-authoritarianism in the coming age of AI superpowers.

Liberal democracies as a the leading global system of governance will diminish in the next two decades. Technological advances are eroding the foundations on which liberal democracies rely to survive and thrive.

These developments herald the end of the US-led liberal international order, which emerged victorious at the end of the Cold War.

In its place a new unipolar geopolitical order led by China will emerge in a system of techno-authoritarian AI superpower.

China will not just be another player - but the biggest player the world has ever seen -  fuelled by an artificial intelligence revolution powered by data.

This new phase of geopolitics will lead us to an hitherto unimagined future. Although dystopian from a Western perspective, it may be the only way that the planet is able to fend off existential technological and environmental threats.

This talks will primarily be aimed at helping audiences to understanding the coming geopolitical  revolution in the age of AI.


Dr. Karsten Klose


Olympus Europa

Petra Clemens

Head of IT Infrastructure & Operation

Olympus Europa


Case Study: Moving 40 data centers into the cloud – Olympus’s infrastructure transformation

14:00 -14:45 | Tuesday 4th June

Olympus hosted more than 800 applications in approx. 40 different data centers EMEA-wide. Challenges such as lack of transparency and non-standardized processes impacted end-user experiences as well as the manageability of the entire IT infrastructure.
In the context of its overarching IT strategy program, Olympus decided to centralize and harmonize the IT infrastructure across EMEA and move it into a cloud-based environment in order to deliver high quality services within a state-of-the art infrastructure setup.


The session will focus on:

  • Olympus IT Strategy
  • Transition Program Approach 
  •  Program Governance 
  • Infrastructure set-up 
  • Cultural Alignment 
  • Organizational Change Management 
  • Lessons learned

Sally Bogg

Head of Service Management
Leeds Beckett University

Case Study: Unified Service Delivery Model - keeping it simple and getting it done!

10:30 - 11:15 |  Wednesday 5th June

Sally is currently leading on a programme of work called the Unified Service Delivery Model. The vision for this programme is to use standardised ITIL processes and a shared ITSM solution to provide a single point of contact for users of IT systems and services, improving communication and information, ensuring the effective turnaround of incidents and service requests, increasing customer service and satisfaction and providing meaningful management information for effective decision making. Of course, process and tools are only every part of the solution. Discover how Sally and the Leeds Beckett IT team are taking a pragmatic approach to transforming service delivery by focusing on the right combination of product, process, people and partners. Sally's session will provide an overview of the programme, including the highs and lows and how Leeds Beckett are working with their ITSM cloud vendor to create a strategic partnership to deliver sector leading IT support services.

Claes Adamsson

Head of DevOps Engineering
Ingka Group

Case Study: Adopting DevOps in the Enterprise

14:00 - 14:45 | Wednesday 5th June

Learn how to adopt DevOps in the Enterprise, specifically the journey that Ingka Group (largest IKEA franchisee) has embarked upon. In this case-study you’ll hear some of the challenges and possibilities they have encountered and some tips for your journey.

Antonio Eguizabal

Head of IT Operations Global Services

Case Study: Myths vs. Realities of Using Cloud Services at Pernod-Ricard

16:00 | Tuesday 4th June

Using cloud services has now become just part of our daily activities in the I&O world. The Journey to the cloud is happening in most organizations but, after some of the initial expectations and myths we were told, we are now finding out the realities of that experience. Changes in the ways of working, lack of proper skills and mind-sets, unexpected costs implications and the need to manage legacy environments are just some of the difficulties we have uncovered.


Additionally, the pace of change provided by Cloud partners is creating a significant workload to IT teams that is not always considered, and that requires a complete change in the way that we manage changes and continuous evolution. This not only affects the IT organization but also affects the business and end user experience.

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