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A limited number of discounted rooms will be held at some selected hotels (there will be special promotional Gartner rates available when the conference gets closer).

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Kap Europa
Osloer Str. 5, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Frankfurt, 60327

Fraud alert

Please be advised that in the conference industry we often come across fraudulent services providers who claim to be able to offer hotel reservation services. Please note that Gartner has not authorized them, or anyone else, to contact you on our behalf. We encourage you to avoid these attempts by not engaging with suspicious emails or calls.

We recommend that attendees follow the booking instructions on the Venue page to make all hotel reservations. Booking with unknown service providers exposes you to the risk of incurring fraudulent credit card charges, as well as not actually having a valid reservation for the conference.

If you are contacted by a fraudulent service provider, please be sure to inform Gartner at ReportPhishing@gartner.com

For a list of the fraudulent hotel providers that have been reported to Gartner, please click here.