First look at this year’s conference

We are currently curating the full agenda for Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2022, in London, U.K. We are covering the most pressing topics for infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders and their teams, such as platform engineering, I&O security, cloud and edge, and much more.

Below is what to expect from the 2022 conference

  • Head of I&O
  • I&O strategy and planning
  • VP of I&O
  • SVP of I&O
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • Director IT infrastructure
  • Director of data center
  • Network manager
  • Infrastructure architect
  • Communications manager
  • Cloud infrastructure director
  • IT operations
  • IT service management
  • IT service delivery
  • IT service desk manager
  • Application support
  • DevOps management
  • Enterprise architect
  • IT strategies/planner
  • I&O project manager
  • I&O director
  • I&O managers
  • I&O security leader
  • I&O devOps leader

Our powerful lineup of keynote speakers helps you expand your thinking and discover new approaches to make smarter business decisions.

Stay tuned for keynote announcements!

Track A. Disruptive Practices, Trends and Technologies

Enterprises are more than ever challenged to rethink business models as they embrace disruptive practices, trends and technologies, forcing them into fundamental change. How they leverage and enable ecosystems is disrupted further by pressures to reduce environmental footprints and embrace sustainability initiatives. This track explores the balance between ensuring operational stability and embracing these disruptive influences.

Track B. Cloud Cookbook

Organizations with a cloud strategy and roadmap are in a better position to achieve better outcomes from cloud computing than those without one. They have more coherent approaches to cloud usage, costs and cloud migrations. They anticipate both the benefits and potential downsides of cloud use, attempting to exploit the benefits while minimizing the downsides. This track explores how to meet your organization’s stakeholder and business needs for cloud by creating and developing a strategy and roadmap of how to enable and exploit cloud and demonstrate value.

Track C. Platform Engineering

Many organizations are under immense pressure to deliver agile application and integration architectures and agile user experiences to meet rapidly changing anywhere business needs. I&O leaders face a world that requires increasingly complex architecture, effective integration patterns, expanded platform capabilities, disciplined yet federated delivery practices and versatile skills. This track explores how to use a product-focused mindset, infrastructure as code and aggressive automation to establish and develop platforms that enable the agility required to empower the anywhere business.

Track D. Operations: Centralized, Distributed, Cloud

The anywhere business is increasingly distributed, fragmented and complex, creating a management and operational nightmare. Hybrid workload operations, centralized core systems and cloud management require new approaches. This track focuses on how operations teams maintain, administer and support centralized, distributed, and cloud operations practices and technologies.

Track E. Skills, Organization and Leadership

The demands on leaders are constantly changing. The need to attract the best staff and retain your skilled workforce is vital in a hypercompetitive world. I&O operating models and structures must evolve as enterprises embrace disruptions like cloud adoption, DevOps and product-focused delivery in an effort to meet customers’ increased expectations and demands. The changing relationship between I&O, peer IT domains, IT leadership and customers is heavily influenced by the changing relationship between employees and employers and the future of work. This track focuses on the changing face of I&O, the people and culture issues, the rapidly developing skill and competency requirements and the evolving role of the leader.

Spotlight tracks

  • Infrastructure Agility
  • Cloud Journey
  • Enabling Security
  • Optimizing Costs and Value
  • Doing Big Things With Small Teams
  • Technical Insights
  • Senior Leadership Circle
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management

This conference is designed so you can engage with and learn from peers and Gartner experts in myriad ways. From workshops and roundtables to Ask the Expert sessions, you walk away with the tools you need to empower the anywhere business.

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