Dive into cost optimization and value at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

With today’s higher inflation and energy prices, how will this directly impact the future of infrastructure costs? How can you quickly address and implement cost-cutting measures when it comes to cloud adoption? And how can the Gartner four-step methodology based on a cross-team approach lead to infrastructure cost savings opportunities? We’ve worked with our analysts to create a track that is dedicated to helping you optimize operational costs at the edge, in the cloud and on-premises while maximizing value for the anywhere business.

Take a look at what we cover at the conference in November on cost optimization from Gartner VP Analyst Marco Meinardi.

  • Technical Insights: Is Public Cloud Cheaper Than My Data Center?

  • How IT Leaders Should Strategize Vendor Negotiations to Combat Inflation

  • Workshop: How to Combat Inflation During Vendor Negotiations

  • Technical Insights: From Cutting Costs to Measuring the Value of Cloud Deployments

Included in your conference registration is a 30-minute one-on-one with a Gartner expert. Get expert guidance tailored to your most pressing challenges.  

Here are experts available for one-on-ones who are focused on cost optimization and value. 

David Groombridge

Distinguished VP Analyst

Douglas Toombs

VP Analyst

Marco Meinardi

VP Analyst

  • Early-bird price: €2,625
    Expires 23 September, 2022
  • Standard price: €2,975
  • Public-sector price: €2,350

Eligibility for the public-sector price will be verified; proof of public-sector status will be required. Price cannot be applied retroactively. “Public sector” definition: National government, state or local government, public administration.

Gartner conference tickets
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What’s included
  • Meeting one-on-one with a Gartner expert who gives guidance tailored to your specific challenge and goal
  • Engaging with Gartner I&O experts and peers in Ask the Expert sessions, clinics, workshops and roundtables to discover share challenges
  • Immersive and engaging sessions by Gartner experts and visionary leaders
  • Access to technologies and solutions from 150+ companies, enabling you to quickly evaluate the provider landscape