Contract Negotiation Clinics

The Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit 2019 Contract Negotiation Clinics introduce the opportunity for attendees to discover negotiation tactics that work for today’s changing landscape with invaluable actionable insight.


Through two 60-minute interactive sessions* on-site, uncover new tactics for planning or negotiating a contract with the biggest of the big software vendors and services to maximize your business value.

*For end users only; exhibitors and vendors are excluded from attending

Better IT deals start here. Take a look at the 2019 Contract Negotiation Clinics: 

Infrastructure Outsourcing and Cloud IaaS

Use this interactive session to improve your IaaS deals by optimizing key contract clauses in simpler agreements, building key best-practice statements of work (SOWs), SLA and pricing schedules, and optimizing negotiation strategies to avoid standard IaaS contractual constraints.

Negotiating Software Maintenance Renewals for Cost Optimization

This clinic will explore how to negotiate maintenance and support renwals to optimize costs, taking into consideration the degree to which you utilize the provider’s support offerings, the likelihood of utilizing upgrades, and the ability to leverage alternative providers at a lower cost.

Eight Steps to Strategize Software and SaaS Negotiations

Learn eight steps for planning negotiations with major vendors and new emerging software and cloud vendors. We will discuss:

- How can we ensure that we ask the right questions and gather the right detail to mitigate against cost and risk?

- How can we engage the right IT and business stakeholders to identify requirements?

- How can we leverage stakeholders as part of the negotiation plan and strategy?

Network Sourcing and Contracting Best Practices

The continual evolution of enterprise demands, combined with rapidly changing market offerings and pricing options, mean that enterprises need to continually review their network sourcing and contracting to ensure they are getting the optimum balance of price, quality and flexibility. This clinic will offer best practices for network sourcing and contracting and enable discussion of how these might apply to the participants environments.

Optimize IBM Negotiations Using Gartner’s “T4” Framework (Tactics, Templates, T&Cs, Timing)

This clinic will illustrate Gartner’s four-step approach called “T4” to educate attendees on the importance of and how to “vendor-ize” negotiations specific to IBM; gaining tips and tricks to optimize IBM deals.

Optimizing IaaS Negotiations for Microsoft Azure, Google and Amazon Web Services

In this clinic, review the critical differences and similarities to be aware of when negotiating with these competing cloud providers to assist in achieving the most optimal contract.

Negotiating With Megavendors

IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP Negotiating effective software and SaaS deals with the megavendors takes more than good negotiating skills. Learn how to tailor negotiations using specific vendors’ tactics and techniques tips for each megavendor: IBM, Microsoft Oracle and SAP. Learn: Tailoring processes building leverage with each negotiation and minimizing contractual risks.

Negotiating with Microsoft

This clinic will guide customers to understand the complexity of Microsoft’s licensing models and the number of options to plan an effective negotiation strategy.

Negotiating With SAP

This interactive clinic will help sourcing and vendor procurement leaders to recognize and respond to changes in SAP’s product offerings and pricing metrics and explore negotiating tactics to mitigate risk and maximize deal value.


This clinic will provide attendees with strategies and tactics to negotiate the best contractual deal and mitigate risk when working with one of the largest vendors in the application ecosystem.

Software as a Service

This practical interactive clinic explains how to effectively negotiate SaaS contracts, learn the trends in SaaS contracting, identify and control hidden costs, and what opportunities/risks lurk within SaaS agreements.


This clinic will help you to navigate the key trends, protect against risk, manage costs and uncover hidden costs by addressing how to negotiate the best possible Oracle contract.

Join us to fine-tune your negotiation tactics & skills for a diverse array of vendors.