The Importance of Agility for Program, Portfolio and Project Management Leaders

As organizations scale digital business, the pace of change increases, affecting almost every organization and function. The key to program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders is an agile approach.

PPM leaders must adopt new capabilities to enable agility and ensure PPM’s value contribution to the organization as digital business proliferates.

To enable enterprise agility and PMO transformation, PPM leaders must:

  • Engage early and constructively in agile transformation initiatives by proactively demonstrating digital-era competency to deliver value and evolve PPM practices.

  • Build enterprisewide team and individual competencies for new ways of working by learning and adopting the skills and frameworks required to succeed in a contemporary agile enterprise.

  • Strengthen the PPM value proposition by educating decision makers that portfolio management and investment management are essential to decision making and strategic alignment in a fast-moving innovative agile enterprise.


Agile coverage at the conference

At Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit, we will be exploring how to effectively apply adaptive and agile approaches to build capabilities that bring digital initiatives to market at scale. 

Key topics on the 2020 agenda includes: 

  • Adapting and Scaling Digital Capabilities
  • Agile Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Adaptive Program Management
  • Strategy Realization Office (SRO)
  • Enterprise PMO
  • Agile IT Governance

Recommended sessions on the 2020 agenda include:

  • Product Owners: The Role That Will Make or Break Your Agile Teams
  • Building Support for Moving From Projects to Products and Agile
  • Workshop: Evolve From the Quarterly Business Review to Continuous Agile Governance
  • Optimize Agile Product Delivery With Value Stream Management