Getting the most out of PPM technologies and software products

An evolving PPM life cycle demands that leaders apply more diverse combinations of PPM tools, capabilities and consulting services to their work environments. At the same time, the proliferation of available PPM tools offers an abundance of choices — but can complicate the decision-making process. Success depends on the ability to take a holistic view of your organization's project, program, and portfolio requirements, generate vendor and product short lists.

As part of PPM and PMO strategies and disciplines, program and portfolio management leaders looking to improve resource management and capacity planning should:

  • Expedite the identification of resource constraints by avoiding the use of time-reporting data and consolidate resource information by roles/teams to formulate aggregate resource capacity.

  • Provide a forward-looking view of capacity by applying a rolling forecast of the aggregated resource capacity.

  • Analyze the impacts of shifting priorities and initiative delays by performing a periodic analysis of the aggregate resource capacity.


PPM tool selection and deployment coverage at the conference

At Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit, we’ll fully explore recent advances in PPM technology and software, and provide pragmatic ways to evaluate, choose and deploy the PPM tools that best align with your organization’s goals and requirements. 

Key topics on the 2020 agenda include:

  • PPM Tools, Technologies and Software
  • PPM Tool Deployment
  • Demand and Resource Management
  • Ensuring the PMO Delivers Customer Outcomes
  • and more!

Recommendation sessions: 

  • PPM Technologies — Getting the Most Out of Your PPM Technologies and Software Products
  • The Culture Hacking Roadmap
  • Workshop: PPM Tool Implementation: Avoiding Key Pitfalls When Supporting Continuous Delivery
  • and more!