6 Hacks to Mastering a Business-Agile Mindset

Program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders are finding that being more agile and increasing focus on strategic business value are now critical for digital transformation. 

Adopting an agile mindset will improve your business outcomes. If this mindset is adopted and rigorously applied, it can enable all areas of the enterprise to move faster and become more focused on ensuring that actions and decisions lead to planned outcomes.

Gartner has identified 6 principles for achieving agility beyond IT: 

  1. Focus on delivering a continuous flow of value
  2. Engage "customers" in frequent interactions and shared ownership
  3. Expect uncertainty and manage it through iterations, anticipation and adaptation
  4. Recognize that individuals are the ultimate source of value
  5. Share responsibility for team effectiveness and results
  6. Use situation-specific strategies, processes and practices

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