Track Overview

2020 Tracks has been announced for Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit.

From a series of surveys, focus groups and expert discussions, we have created 4 tracks dedicated to helping PPM leaders avoid slowdowns and become an agent of digital transformation. 

The flexibility and the ability to adapt are required capabilities for success in digital continuous change. PPM leaders need to acknowledge a wider ecosystem that now dictates what is possible, and how it needs to get done. In doing so, they need to seek new and often less-proven approaches for enabling and empowering diverse teams of multi-disciplinary business and technology representatives to increase value. 

This track will emphasize applying adaptive and agile approaches to build capabilities that bring digital initiatives to market at scale.

The accelerated pace of change resulting from the current business and digital transformation puts the ball in the court of Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) leaders. The pressure is on to evolve PPM practices to enable rapid change in pursuit of shifting goals and priorities. PMO and EMPO leaders must ensure their functions possess the mindset, practices, services, and supporting technologies to drive business outcomes. 

This track will address approaches PMOs / EPMOs can leverage for engaging with and understanding the needs of sponsors, business owners and other stakeholders, to ensure support by the PPM function for delivering successful outcomes.

Responding to the call for continuous change, PPM leaders must position their function as a change enabler, and support teams made of multi-disciplinary business and IT representatives. The PPM value proposition is to lead the challenge of successfully transforming the organization to support continuous change, deliver rapid results, and enable portfolio decision-making.

This track will emphasize change leadership, culture change and discovery of new approaches at each level of PPM and the enterprise.

Leading business executives responsible for creating a foundation for or scaling, digital business identify a lack of enterprise portfolio management, adaptive governance, and enterprise resource planning as key inhibitors to their pursuit of digital business. As organizations evolve to be conducive to continuous change, PPM leaders need to champion the efforts to prioritize investments that make a difference to business outcomes.

This track will emphasize the roles PPM leaders, Strategy Realization Offices (SROs) and Enterprise PMOs (EPMOs) can play in supporting digital business investments, programs, and products; to help their organizations adapt to take advantage of volatile competitive environments and ensure alignment of business priorities.

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