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Three attributes of culture that can prevent or enable change

Communicating the importance of security and risk throughout your organization can be challenging as you engage with multiple stakeholders to create a risk-aware culture. The need to enhance your communication techniques to successfully build a culture that fosters innovation, while remaining secure is no easy feat. 

Gartner has identified ‘three attributes of culture’ to help you 

Challenge: CISOs see culture as a barrier to achieving their digital ambitions, but don’t know exactly what aspects of their culture are holding them back.


Recommendation: Evaluate your own “tone at the top” by looking for inconsistent messaging among your leadership team and detecting and resolving disconnects between what is said and what is done.

Challenge: CISOs that know what aspects of their culture need to change, don’t necessarily know how to go about changing culture.


Recommendation: Focus your team’s management style by structuring the work product so that it is focused on outcomes and timelines and ensuring psychological safety for employees.

Challenge: CISOs feel that some set of employees are resistant to the changes and are not sure of the best way to motivate their employees through changes.


Recommendation: Strengthen employee engagement by having conversations that engender emotional commitment and connecting employee’s work to business value.

Gartner predicts by 2021, 80% of midsize to large enterprises will change their culture to accelerate their digital transformation strategy

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