CISOs must evolve their talent strategy to reflect the changing roles, competencies and skill sets needed to address digital risk.

The importance of digital competencies

CISOs must go beyond thinking in terms of roles when planning for digital business initiatives. They must now carefully consider which competencies and skills are required to address digital risks.

Gartner has identified five competencies integral to digital business execution:

  1. Adaptability. Demonstrates flexibility, agility and the ability to respond effectively to changing environments.
  2. Business acumen. Demonstrates awareness of internal and external dynamics with an acute perception of business issues.
  3. Digital dexterity. Showcases the ability to leverage and manipulate media, information and technology in unique and innovative ways.
  4. Outcome driven. Focuses on desired results and business outcomes. Sets and achieves challenging goals.
  5. Collaboration/synergy. Exemplifies collaboration with other members of formal and informal teams in pursuit of common mission, vision, value and goals.

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