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Charles Hazlewood
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Charles Hazlewood

International Conductor and Musical Revolutionary
Charles Hazlewood is a British conductor of international renown. He has conducted some of the greatest classical repertoire with the best orchestras in the world. But Hazlewood is more than a conductor, he is a visionary with a mission to break new ground in orchestral music, and to break new ground through music.
Since winning the European Broadcasting Union conducting competition in his twenties, Hazlewood fresh presentations of classical music have shaken up the traditional settings of the form - in one performance hell engage in a conversation with the audience, while in another hell blend film or sculpture or movement into a piece - but his goal is always the same: exposing the deep, always-modern joy of orchestral music.
Hazlewood believes that music can overcome barriers of language, class and culture and has proved this over his career in many ground breaking projects: an opera company recruited from black townships in South Africa that won the Golden Bear Award for best film, a pay-what-you-can orchestral music festival attended by 1000s of people who had never heard an orchestra live before, and the worlds first orchestra of disabled musicians, who played alongside Coldplay at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics and continue to tour, demonstrating the incredible creative talent of disabled people to new audiences all over the world. And these are just the headlines.
Hazlewood is not only well known for what he has achieved but how he achieved it. Eschewing the dictator model of conducting he has evolved a creative leadership style that has been the foundation of his success and has won the hearts and minds of many in the world of arts and business, education, sports, medicine and industry.
He is a familiar figure on British TV and radio. He conducts the BBC orchestras and guest-conducts orchestras around the world.
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Tuesday, 19 May, 2020 / 03:45 PM - 04:30 PM CEST
Guest Keynote: Trusting the Ensemble

"Internationally renowned conductor Charles Hazlewood has won hearts and minds around the world with his ground-breaking musical projects. Moving audiences to laughter and occasionally tears, his presentations on leadership, trust, and authenticity have inspired organisations around the world.
Charles draws from analogies between the workings of an office with that of an orchestra. Both music and business depend on individuals working as part of a whole, in pursuit of a common goal. Trust is the key ingredient, the gel which binds each and every human relationship. Without trust, nothing is possible. Through his experiences of forming an opera company out of township South Africa, to creating the world’s first large-scale virtuoso orchestra of musicians with disabilities, Charles demonstrates the power of trust and authenticity in creating world-changing new paradigms "

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