Track overview

Join us to craft your cybersecurity and risk management plan to improve resilience, accelerate innovation and drive business growth with the entire organization behind you.

At Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019, we have three dedicated tracks along with a new spotlight track to meet your priorities:

Trends and Capabilities

To build a more trusted and resilient environment for digital business, and to support an IT organization that’s more agile than ever, IT security leaders need to mix new approaches with proven practices.

Learn how to defend an ever‐expanding infrastructure and improve the efficiency of technologies and processes, as your organization prepares to securely cross the digital business chasm.

Risk and Resilience

Major cyberevents and business disruptions have cost C‐level executives their jobs. Data privacy concerns continue to rise to the board level due to their severity. New investments are being made to bolster cybersecurity, privacy, safety and reliability in the digital business ecosystem. 

This track explores the risks and complexities of transitioning to digital business, as well as methods to mitigate them.

Leadership and Strategy

Acceleration toward digital business continues to present new challenges. Security and risk management leaders must build trust with business stakeholders, understand the goals of the business, quickly identify and assess the associated risks, and recommend solutions in business terms.

Join us for the Leadership and Strategy track to hone your skills as an effective communicator, facilitator, problem solver and business leader.

Architecture & Operations

Demands on information security and IT risk practitioners keep going up. Facing a rapidly changing threat, risk and technology landscape, they are tasked with defending everything from legacy systems to emerging technologies. 

This new spotlight track focuses on next steps and technical and tactical insights to enable adaptable and scalable architectures and the solutions for fast-evolving IT and business environments.

The CISO Circle*

Tailored to the specific needs and perspective of chief information security officers (CISOs), the Gartner CISO Circle brings together security and risk leaders for incisive discussions on what matters in security now and what changes lay ahead.

The CISO Circle provides targeted research and exclusive networking as well as workshops and exclusive presentations for CISOs. Join us to form valuable connections with your industry peers, hone your leadership and communications skills, and learn how to advance your business objectives. 

*Qualification criteria apply.

Workshops and roundtables (restrictions apply)


Interactive Gartner-facilitated sessions: Attendees will work with their peers through important topics, solve critical issues and walk away with effective answers.


Informal Gartner-facilitated discussions on specific topics:  Attendees will share insights and learn from the lessons, approaches and experiences of their peers in these small-group discussions.