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The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the visibility of identity and access management (IAM) because of the high priority in getting remote access secured and the increased protection needed around digital transformation initiatives. IAM leaders must improve governance and strengthen privileged access management practices to prevent breaches, establish more robust and agile authentication and authorization, and enhance consumer IAM to prevent fraud and protect privacy.

By 2025, 70% of new access management, governance, administration and privileged access deployments will be converged identity and access management platforms.

Source: Gartner

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Watch our session on IAM from a previous virtual conference edition and gain critical insights to sustain effective IAM programs to provide the right access to the right people.

Modern Approaches to Identity Governance and Administration Role Modeling

Growth in the number of entitlements across on-premises, cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications creates role management challenges for IAM administrators. Security and risk management technical professionals should use modern tools and iterative processes to develop and optimize an identity governance and administration (IGA) role model.

Opportunities and challenges

  • Traditional approaches to role mining are not scalable. They often result in role proliferation and lead to an outdated IGA role model over time.

  • IGA solutions, which are implemented by many organizations, offer limited capabilities to continuously detect and update the role model based on changes to the applications and identities.

  • Removing unused and anomalous access to entitlements is crucial for optimizing the role model, but an agile approach — leveraging advanced analytics — to clean up excess access is often overlooked.

IAM, cybersecurity, privacy, risk management and more are covered in depth at this year’s conference. Seats are filling fast. 

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