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While we build the agenda, take a look at the type of research you can expect at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2023.

Digital business challenges the conventions of information risk and security management. Security and risk management (SRM) leaders must develop a coherent digital security program based on a clear vision and strategy.

By 2024, 60% of chief information security officers will establish critical partnerships with key market-facing executives in sales, finance and marketing, up from less than 20% today.

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Watch our session on IT security leadership from a previous virtual conference edition and learn why resilience is a strategic imperative within the organization.

SRM Leaders Must Plan Immediately for Climate Change Risk or Become Outmoded

Climate change is an operational risk. Investors and stakeholders are driving organizations to strategize and manage material risks arising from climate change. Security and risk management leaders must be involved or accept that they will not have the resources to manage this operational risk.

Opportunities and challenges

  • Work with enterprise risk and sustainability leaders to ensure that new climate-change-related risks and changes to existing risks are identified.

  • Work with community leaders, scientists and emergency management organizations to understand and ensure that the assessments related to operational risks are accurate.

  • Validate that response, recovery and restoration plans accurately reflect the impact and likelihood of climate-related risks and other risks that can be triggered by climate-related events.

  • Adapt staffing and talent recruitment plans to account for climate risk impacts on operations, starting with prioritizing highest-risk business regions.

  • Maintain and test operational response plans regularly, and in detail, to ensure their viability in relation to climate-related risks.

Leadership, cybersecurity, privacy, risk management and more are covered in depth at this year’s conference. Seats are filling fast.

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