Alex Constantinidis
Case study

Alex Constantinidis

Chief Information Security Officer for QNB Group
Dr Alex Constantinidis is the Chief Information Security Officer for QNB Group. He is an accomplished information risk and security professional with Banking and Big Four consultancy background. Alex has worked in various capacities across the three lines of defense focusing on protecting organisations from Cyber Security threats. Alex has a track record in identifying security vulnerabilities, and he been a presenter at International Information Security Conferences and hacker boot camp courses.
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Monday, 14 February, 2022 / 03:00 PM - 03:45 PM GST
(06:00 AM - 06:45 AM EST)
Case Study Roundtable: Establishing a Remote Access Solution Securely for 5000 Employees in Under 48 Hours

QNB was faced with the challenges of enabling a workforce of 5000+ employees to be able to access their computer systems remotely at a time of mandatory home quarantine policies and road closures. A remote access blueprint architecture based on BYOD technologies was implemented to allow employees to be operational from home without impeding on their productivity and without increasing cyber security risk. Join this session to understand the security considerations, best practices and lessons learned through this experience.

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