Network at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2023

Engage in person with the top security and risk management leaders, Gartner experts and industry-leading solution providers.

Networking at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit isn’t just about meeting new people. It’s about candid conversations with world-class security and risk management leaders from various backgrounds, organization sizes and industries. It’s diving into what’s working — and what isn’t — with your peers in facilitated small-group discussions. It’s discovering new technologies at the Exhibit Showcase, engaging in meaningful discussions in a roundtable session or getting tailored guidance during a one-on-one with a Gartner expert.

With three days and access to more than 2,000 security and risk management leaders, you have ample opportunities to make lasting connections.

Connect with peers

Some of the most invaluable pieces of information come from peers. At Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, you have access to all of these moments for real talk, inspiration and, if we’re being honest, commiseration.

Interactive sessions

Discuss and work through your most pressing issues with peers in group settings through interactive sessions, such as workshops and Ask the Expert sessions.

Networking receptions

Join evening receptions where you can engage with your peers, Gartner experts and leading technology and solution providers in a relaxed setting.


Focused on peer perspectives and best practices, these small-group sessions are facilitated by Gartner and allow you to share insights while learning from the lessons and experiences of diverse attendees around you.

Interactive sessions at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2023

Dive deeper into a specific topic by bringing questions to a Gartner expert-led Q&A session. 
(Preregistration is required.)

  • Ask the Expert: How to Succeed in Data Classification Program?
  • Ask the Expert: Security Service Edge
  • Ask the Expert: ZTNA vs. VPN - Does It Really Matter?
  • Ask the Expert: What's the Best Remote Access Strategy for the Future of Work Trends
  • Ask the Expert: Technical Insights: How to Secure Your APIs From Exploit and Abuse
  • Ask the Expert: What Is Privacy Engineering and How Can It Help Organization Adopt “Privacy by Design?"
  • Ask the Expert: How to Measure the SOC Effectively
  • Ask the Expert: Technical Insights: Best Practices for Moving From On-Premises Device Management to Modern Management
  • Ask the Expert: Communicating Effectively With Your Board About Cybersecurity
  • Ask the Expert: Do I Need NDR If I Have EDR and How Does NDR Add Real Value?
  • Ask the Expert: Doing More With Less - Cybersecurity in Midsize Enterprises
  • Ask the Expert: Zero Trust
  • Ask the Expert: SIEM vs. XDR: The Battle of Detection and Response Solutions
  • Ask the Expert: Top Security Trends in China, 2023

These small-scale, interactive sessions are designed for you to drill down on specific topics with a how-to focus. (Preregistration is required.)

  • Workshop: Developing a Ransomware Playbook for Incident Response
  • CISO Circle: Workshop: Anxiety, Stress and Fatigue, Begone! Mindfulness for the Burnt Out Cybersecurity Professional*
  • Workshop: Technical Insights: Learning the Craft of the Ransomware Dungeon Master
  • CISO Circle: Leadership Exchange: Introducing the Gartner Cybersecurity Controls Assessment*
  • Workshop: Cyberdeterrence — Can We Stop Attacks Before They Start?
  • Workshop: Ransomware Readiness Should Be Treated as a Business Decision
  • CISO Circle: Workshop: Selling Your Cyber Strategy*
  • Workshop: Card Game: "What Was First? Security Incident Timelines"
  • CISO Circle Workshop: Gamifying Cybersecurity — A Day in the Life of a Cybercriminal*

*Application to the CISO Circle is required. Based on availability and eligibility you may sign-up for the session via Conference Navigator after you register for this conference. Learn more here.

Gartner experts moderate topic-driven end-user forums. Learn what peers are doing around particular issues and across industries. (Preregistration is required.)

  • Roundtable: Out in Security: CISOs and the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Roundtable: Security Staffing Options for Midsize Enterprises
  • Roundtable: Real World Zero Trust
  • Super Roundtable: Digital Feminism: A Discussion on How to Lead and Support Women in IT
  • Roundtable: SOC Bad Practices That Might Impact You
  • Roundtable: How to Plan for a Successful Ransomware Tabletop Exercise
  • Roundtable: How Do You Protect Enterprise Data With Instant Messaging?
  • Roundtable: The Reality of Security Vendor Consolidation

Attend one 30-minute private session with a Gartner expert of your choice. Get targeted, personalized guidance to help you plan proactively and invest wisely. (Preregistration is required.)

Engage with Gartner experts

Gartner experts are the keystone to Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with Gartner experts to get tailored guidance on their most pressing challenges.

Gartner one-on-one meetings

These popular meetings offer you the undivided attention of a Gartner expert who listens and guides you on the matters most critical to your success. Preregistration is required. These sessions are available to end users only. Space is limited. 

Ask the Expert sessions

These topic-driven sessions provide a more intimate discussion forum and feature one Gartner expert and end-user peers posing questions. Preregistration is required.


Gartner expert meetings outside of one-on-one meetings as part of the conference registration are limited and require prior approval. Work with your Gartner representative for any additional meetings with Gartner experts. Preregistration is required.

Take advantage of these opportunities and register today