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A sample of recommended sessions includes:

  • The State of Network Security in the Work From Anywhere Era
  • Roundtable: Zero Trust Networking*
  • How to Achieve Practical SASE Implementations This Year
  • Ask the Expert: What Is the Secure Access Service Edge and When Should I Adopt It?*

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Guide to Network Security Concepts

The network perimeter is dead. Now is the time to up your game in network security, as today’s organizations need to dynamically move data and applications to and from any and all of the following locations: public cloud, private cloud and on-premises. Users require on-demand access from whatever location is most convenient for them. Shadow IT is a new norm for the IT group, which is, at times, unaware of what applications are in use, let alone where the data is. Network security professionals must develop an architecture that secures access to assets wherever they are.


  • Develop your network security architectures by using zero-trust frameworks, which focus on securing applications and data, rather than securing the network.
  • Evaluate security solutions based on the integration provided with other tooling and platform providers, the sharing of information and the cross-enforcement of policy or actions.
  • Choose security solutions that provide visibility and control of the entire hybrid environment and assessments that involve deeper participation from the stakeholders.

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