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We’ve built a comprehensive agenda that will help you to adapt your organizational resilience strategy to address the changing business landscape and digital innovation.

A number of organizations have created risk management teams, business continuity management (BCM) programs and detailed contingency plans to respond to a variety of business disruptions, including pandemics. As the extraordinary disruptions of 2020 continue, security and risk management leaders must evolve and adapt their plans based on the lessons being learned this year, and develop continuous organizationwide resilience strategies.

A sample of recommended sessions includes:

  • Outlook for Organizational Resilience
  • Facing New Threats — Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Roundtable: Ransomware Defense on a Tight Budget, Minimize Attack Surface, Maximize Resilience*
  • Introducing the Gartner OT Security Framework
  • Outlook for Privacy, 2022
  • Outlook for Cyber and IT Risk
  • Privacy Enhancing Computation for Analytics, BI and Post-Schrems II Cloud Adoption
  • Building Incident Response Scenarios for Insider Threats

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Predicts 2021: Organizational Resilience

Organizational resilience remains a strategic imperative, growing in importance as businesses face threats from pandemics, cybercrime, severe weather, climate change, and civil and political instabilities. Security and risk management leaders should anticipate growing trends that impact resilience.

Key findings

  • The threat landscape is growing in complexity and variety against a backdrop of challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The momentum of digital transformation projects is outpacing the ability of organizations to accommodate the changes and will introduce additional complexity of threats.
  • The growing threat of cyberattacks is leading to a stronger formalization of the relationship between BCM and cybersecurity functions.
  • Regulations driven by the financial sector are dictating that executives take a service-driven approach to resilience and commit to defining impact tolerances and recovery time commitments.
  • Organizations need a comprehensive solution to plan and prepare for continuity of operations as well as to monitor hazards/threats and execute associated response, recovery and restoration plans.

Cybersecurity, privacy, risk management and more are covered in depth at this year’s conference. View Pricing

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