John Amaechi
Guest speaker

John Amaechi

Organizational Psychologist and Founder of APS
There are many things to tell you about John. Obviously there’s all the usual Bio stuff; respected organisational psychologist, an OBE, Chartered Scientist, elected Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, bestselling New York Times author, Research Fellow at the University of East London, and Founder of APS.

And then there are all the things he does; Mentor to many, teacher to some, and always using his deep psychological insight combined with real life experience to provide a touchstone for people and companies who want to thrive, achieve and align their beliefs, values and ethics.

But these are the things you need really need to know; John is a giant, literally, he’s huge! He’s also a Dad, Brother & Uncle…from Stockport (a product of the statement ‘The most unlikely of people in the most improbable of circumstances, can become extraordinary’). People who think facts and evidence should bow to ‘opinion’ drive him crazy, he’s passionate about Star Wars, is a self confessed nerd & geek, a former NBA sportsman, has a voice like honey, is transported by music and loves nothing more than to eat decadent foods that are bad for him – especially donuts.

So while you’re questioning everything you thought you knew, John will entertain you with his storytelling, confront you with uncomfortable truths, make you laugh and move you to tears (sometimes in the same minute) and ultimately inspire you to grow and develop in ways you couldn’t possible imagine… that you can be a Giant too.
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Tuesday, 30 November, 2021 / 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CET
(05:00 AM - 05:45 AM EST)
Keynote: Psychological Safety as a Prerequisite for Innovation

Innovation doesn’t just happen on-demand. It is a consequence of organizational culture, leadership tone, pragmatic reward and an appetite for failure. In this keynote, John Amaechi will talk about how IT Security and Risk leaders can create an environment of psychological safety, trust and emotional literacy that enables innovation in their organizations, and how a new kind of leader must evolve to do this – a connected, inclusive leader who can sustain elite, diverse teams.

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