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Roberta Witty

Roberta Witty

VP Analyst
Roberta Witty is a Vice President in Gartner Research, where Ms. Witty is part of the Security and Risk Management Programs group. Her primary area of focus is business continuity management. She is the Key Initiative Lead for the Technology, Information and Resilience Risk KI and the Security and Risk Management Leaders KI. She also chairs the Women in IT track for Gartner's annual Security and Risk Management conferences.
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Monday, 12 September, 2022 / 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM BST
Workshop: Leveraging the Business Impact Analysis to Meet Your Security, Risk and Privacy Needs

Conducting a business impact analysis (BIA) is a critical step in determining the importance of IT systems to an organization and planning based on their importance. Join us to learn how to leverage BIAs to meet the needs of security, risk and privacy functions outside of their normal usage in business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Monday, 12 September, 2022 / 04:15 PM - 05:00 PM BST
Roundtable: How Are You Organizing For Resilience?

This roundtable provides an opportunity for organizations to share how they are defining and managing "resilience" in their organizations.

Tuesday, 13 September, 2022 / 10:30 AM - 10:50 AM BST
The Business Continuity Management Software Ecosystem

Using the right tools relates to building an effective BCM program — for planning and preparedness and at time of crisis when executing response and recovery procedures. This presentation helps security and risk management leaders select the right mix of solutions and vendors for their BCM needs.

Tuesday, 13 September, 2022 / 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM BST
Outlook for Organizational Resilience, 2022

This session highlights the importance of organizational resilience as a strategic imperative in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the changing threat landscape and the pace of digital innovation.

Wednesday, 14 September, 2022 / 02:45 PM - 03:30 PM BST
Roundtable: Cyberattacks Take Down Your IT – Now What?

This roundtable will be one where participants share how they are planning to continue business operations while the IT department is busy cleansing and recovering/rebuilding the IT infrastructure after a cyberattack. This session is not about cybersecurity incident response.

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